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Agents and consolidators and customs can now receive updates on containers or shipments by email and text real time. Instructing Customers on the readiness of their shipments and even when its ready for inspection

As Agents and consolidators you can access our database remotely thorough our customized Software that allows you to process customers off site allowing them to come straight to customs on arrival at warehouse. Or to monitor your shipments from your overseas office

With the Largest storage  , parking , inspection  , stripping and delivery areas in the industry we are number one in service

Contact us today to discuss your current and future warehousing needs. We have the fleet of forklift and warehouse equiptment ,, and friendly staff to provide the best customer service in the business.

We've built our reputation on excellence in HANDLING and Warehousing, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

One Stop Customs Clearance Centre a partner of the Jamaica Customs Agency. Providing stripping warehousing and delivery of Consolidated Cargo for the Past 18 Years. The strip and stuff  and examination of non AEO cargo in a fast efficent manor has been our remit for the last 3 years

We'll deliver your hopes, your dreams, your cargo--on time

Your freight is too important to trust to amateur  bonded warehouses or  port warehouse companies. We deliver every time, and that's a promise.

We know the ins and outs of warehousing and logistics

The difference, in one word, is experience. Our staff , customer service representatives, and management have it in spades.

We're not just a warehouse, we're your partner

providing the fastest and best service with guaranteed reliability



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even bigger

At a time when other warehouse and companies are scaling down, we're betting on the future with new forklifts and warehousing equipment that make us the best choice to be your logistics and warehousing partner.

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